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Character Information
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Name: Benjamin Kyle Walker

Rank: Rear Admiral

Position: Commanding Officer

Posting: Starbase Valhalla

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 44 (b. Dec 17th 2342)

Place of Birth: New Berlin Lunar Colony

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 173 lbs

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Gray


Physical Description:

Not much special to be said about Benjamin's looks.

Personality & Traits
General Overview:

Sarcastic, clever, and quick on his feet, Ben is in every sense of the word... Mischievous, though to be frank he's also caring somewhere in that heart of his, and loving but most of all he understands. His observations don't serve him wrong, and his ability to balance everything come quite handy sometimes.

- Lt. Cmdr. Kathryn Ashton, Counselor, USS Tempest, 2383

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Ben is well rounded, a little rough around the edges but his strengths lie within. His moral code, and his crew give him his strength. He responds when others are threatened, usually with actions that result in the offender passing into the afterlife, and if possible it's a process he will pursue himself. He cares about his crew, even if they never realize it.


  • Retire
  • Preserve the Antares Alliance

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Sleeping or otherwise Relaxing
  • Messing around on the holodeck
  • Exploring the galaxy


Federation Standard, Andorian, and Klingon

Family Members

Father: COL Patrick Walker (deceased)
Mother: COL Lynette Walker (deceased)
Spouse: LCDR Aurelia Walker (deceased)
Daughter: Valencia Fae Walker (4 YO)
Cousin: LT John Walker (deceased)



Personal History

Benjamin was born on the New Berlin Lunar Colony in late 2342. Like many people born when he was, he lost his parents to the Cardassian War fighting for peace. He was in his 3rd year at the academy when he got the news and almost dropped out of the Academy until a few of his friends forced him to realize that he wasn’t the only one losing family members. With that in mind he remained at the Academy and graduated with honors from the Starfleet Command Training School two years after his Academy Graduation. In 2363 Benjamin received his first assignment as the Gamma shift Tactical Officer aboard the Saber Class USS T’khut.

Under revision...

Service Record

2359 - Enters Starfleet Academy
2363 - Graduates Starfleet Academy, Promoted to ENS, assigned to USS T'khut
2365 - Promoted to LTJG
2366 - Transferred to Starfleet Tactical
2367 - Promoted to LT
2370 - Transferred to USS Jameson, promoted to LCDR
2376 - Transferred to USS Tempest as XO
2378 - Promoted to CMDR, given command of USS Tempest
2381 - Promoted to CAPT
2384 - Promoted to COMO, given command of Starbase Valhalla
2386 - Promoted to RADM



Awards Recieved

1 Year Dedicated Service Award, Nov 14 2007

Order of Beta Antares, Jun 27 2008

Valiant Order, Mar 9 2008

2 Years Dedicated Service Award, Nov 24 2008 (for Nov 14 2008)

Outstanding Inclusiveness, Feb 12 2010

3 Years Dedicated Service Award, Feb 12 2010 (for Nov 14 2009)

Items of Interest


Starfleet Academy - Wilderness Survival 101

Rockie Mountains | Starfleet Wilderness Survival Course
February 12th 2363

Ben materialized on the mountainside in the mid-day sun, and almost forgot the reason he was even out there. Beautiful pristine nature all around him, he could smell the overwhelmingly fresh evergreens, and the sound of a river could be heard off in the distance. If only it wasn't part of his survival course.

He glanced up at the sky, even at this relatively decent altitude he still couldn't see the stars with the sun up, even without a cloud to be seen in the sky. Oh well, first things first, find the water, and stay hydrated. So he set off towards the river he heard yonder.

Because this was the basic course they were assured some reasonably clement weather, but because this was Star fleet they weren't being given much more than that. hence Ben's water bottle was empty, his pack almost likewise and his person thoroughly checked for anything even approaching food supplies.

Which was why water had to be his first stop, especially if he was going to mange to work as hard as he thought he had to in order to cover the distance expected.

Thankfully the large stream he'd headed for only took a little over an hour to get to, he didn't rush himself yet, better to be safe and watch the terrain then end up with an ankle sprain the first day out. Or sick from water-borne bacteria. But for the moment, he wasn't prepared to try and find a way to purify it.

In days long gone by taking water from even this Rockie mountain stream probably wouldn't have been a good idea, enough pollutants present even in these remote hills to make it potentially harmful so soon as this. But not now, and as long as he was careful about how much he partook of, he should be okay.

Thirst quenched for the moment, he filled up the bottle, more-so for a just in case rather than any actual intention to regularly drink it. He took a good look around though before setting off in the general direction he knew he needed to go. Assuming he kept going the right direction, and that he kept up a decent pace, he'd be to the extraction point in four more days he figured.

Of course he didn't know exactly where he'd ended up, but he couldn't have really been far out of the target zone, especially if he was near the creek he thought he was. Which he wasn't.

As part of the exercise they had been allowed to familiarize themselves with the 'area' they would be going through, but that many square miles of highly mixed terrain wasn't something even the training they gave you at the academy could help you memorize every detail of, let alone make sense of to a single bit of ground.

By comparison navigating by the sun and the mossy side of trees was comparatively easy, the problem being that it told him which direction he was going in, rather than what that direction led to.

Two hours, and about seven miles of walking later, Ben found himself at his first obstacle, a rather short-ish cliff, but one that seemed to stretch on for a while either direction, and one that wasn't presenting itself with a way to scale. Even with the hiking boots he wore instead of the regular uniform boots, he wouldn't be able to get the holds he'd need to scale it.

So he started walking 'down' the thing, headed as close to the direction he needed to go as he could, which wasn't really all that much, he was running a very perpendicular course at that moment, and kept to it for another hour or so...

With precious little time left before night fell and he would simply need to stop things weren't looking much better at all, the cliff he had now identified more or less from his memory, seeming likely to continue even further than he had hoped and him getting very little actual distance closer to where he needed to be.

Which is about when he heard voices up ahead, voices raised in argument.

Cautiously he approached, since he remembered that it *was* possible that there were 'enemy troops' trying to find them. However as he got closer, and could hear more of what they were arguing about, it became clear just who they were. "Hey guys, how's it goin'?" He interrupted, turning the corner of a tree and then leaning against it as the two stood in a small-ish clearing of sorts.

At the base of what was obviously a fall in the cliff there stood the very familiar features of Gath'ar, fellow cadet, half Klingon and relentless sophist; halfway up said very rough slope and crevice was another cadet, Melanie, near human, gorgeous, barefoot security cadet.

Apparently she had agreed with Ben's thoughts about how unscalable that cliff was with walking boots, and decided to go without, cutting off the leg to round the cliff, by going up it, here.

Equally apparently Gath'ar didn't entirely agree with the decision.

"Tell her!" he demanded as he saw Ben arrive, "The handbook is explicit about the dangers of climbing without a line or flight boots"

"It nearly killed Kirk for goodness sake!" he asserted, "and has killed -" he went on apparently perfectly prepared to list all the climbing fatalities on record. Only to be interrupted by Melanie from further up.

"Shut up!" she demanded, "You, are not, helping" she insisted, her sentence irregularly punctuated by the necessity of focus on the terrain she was scaling.

"Well it is a handbook, it's good at telling you the best and safest way to do something, not necessarily all the ways you can. Besides, she looks like she's doing just fine." Ben returned watching her scale upwards as he moved to stand next to the Klingon bookworm, which almost seemed like an oxymoron just thinking about it.

Gath'ar snorted, and affixed his all too habitual sneer to his face as if in full expectation of being proved right.

"Ben?" called Melanie's voice, apparently saying that she hadn't managed to turn around and check the identity of the newest arrival, "that you?" she asked.

"Maybe." Ben commented still staring up at her. "You know, it's rather nice out here, especially the view, I'm not sure I even want to get back anytime soon..."

"You talking about my ass?" Melanie called back, her tone the familiar teasing one that he knew from their more regular acquaintance, and indeed her ass well worth the descriptor of a nice 'view'.

however the words were also coming from someone who very evidently hadn't actually gotten any higher since Ben had arrived, and seemed to be in no real hurry to do so.

"Well what can I say, you're just hanging there all cute like. Almost makes me think I wasn't out on an Academy exercise." Ben retorted his gaze un-wavering even as Gath'ar gave him an exasperated eye roll. "Ok, he wasn't talking about it, but I was."

Such banter was becoming fairly normal between them, but banter was honestly all it was, Ben having been far too focused on his studies to have done, or even thought much about, anything more. This time however he didn't get the witty comeback he had been expecting, and instead got a rather odd silence.

"Um Ben?" came her voice back down again, "How do you feel about climbing?" she asked, "Because..." she offered, having still not moved.

"Not too inclined honestly, unless this stupid cliff goes on for much longer than it already has..." Ben responded, completely missing out on what exactly she would, or could, have been asking that particular question.

"Ben!" she retorted, her tone taking a rapid shift towards pleading, "I'm stuck!" she insisted. "I'm just not bloody tall enough to reach the ledge and I seem to bloody well over reached to get to this one"

"So" she added, "Pretty please get your boots off, get up here, put your hands on the fine scenery of my ass and give me a push up" she said.

"Oh dear." Ben muttered, doing as she asked rather quickly before he started scaling the cliff face as quick as he could, which honestly wasn't very fast, he wasn't a natural climber, not very limber at all, and his slightly over large feet made that even more annoying.

But he was slowly getting upwards, and eventually made it to a position where he could safely let go of the cliff-side and help push her body upwards, which he did so as carefully as he could. "You alright? What happened?" He asked after a moment of being next to her and catching on to her rather labored breathing.

"I'm good" she replied, her face suddenly appearing above him to look down, apparently having laid herself flat on some ledge, "But a little disappointed you didn't take more advantage" she teased with a smile and an offered hand.

"Just couldn't quite reach" she told him as he gave over his hand to be helped, "and don't see why I should have to when I have a big strong man to help" she added ironically, playing on the fact that she was in fact the only one of the three doing the more physically focused security-tactical branch.

"Ha, ha, ha." Ben muttered pulling himself up over the edge they'd been looking for. "I hate climbing by the way, hiking, is just fine, climbing, rather not." he elaborated, perhaps hinting at what sort of ends he'd go to for her. "You coming?" he asked over the edge at the Klingon still below them, not waiting for her to respond.

Gath'ar's reply was a text-book acceptable curse-word and a stream of Klingonese that needed very little translation. But he also began working the laces of his boots loose.

Meanwhile, on the ledge, now only an easy scramble from the top, Melanie was leaning into Ben and looking down too, "We could have left him" she whispered, probably mostly joking.

"You could have." Ben asserted, still looking down at him. "But now we're in for the long haul." He added reluctantly. "Here, toss them up." Ben said referring to Gath'ar's boots, and indeed his and Melanie's still on the ground below.

The other cadet did as asked, and then obstinately tried to get up the same part that the other two had struggled with alone.

Melanie took the time to get he boots back on before making the slightest move to help, "What?" she said, "I've been walking with him for an hour!" she reported, as if that was explanation enough for her lack of haste to help.

Which it sort of was.

Ben rolled his eyes and extended an arm down for Gath'ar to take when he got close enough. Yeah, the Klingon was annoying, but at least he wasn't always prattling about how weak the Federation was and how dishonorable they all were and this and that. "So how's the trip been otherwise? I mean, there had to have been something that happened."

"Lots of scenery and bloodsucking bugs" Melanie replied, only to be corrected on the exact genus and specie of said bugs by Gath'ar

"Saw a couple of others higher up on a ridge half an hour or so ago" she supplied, "but they were too far away for me to identify" she offered, "heading south"

"What about you?" she replied.

"You're the first thing I've seen since beaming in." Ben answered purposely making that single ended statement to the detriment of the Klingon he didn't really like, or dislike much. "Found a nice stream though."

"What filter treatment methodology did you use?" Gath'ar asked, his pre-furrowed brow only becoming more wrinkled, "the statistical risks of parasitic infestation are-"

Whatever he was going to finish that with however was lost because by that point Ben and Melanie had both gotten their boots back on and tightened, and were already walking away.

"You weak human eyes will require the team to stop early this evening" he added instead as he caught up, "sundown, when adjusted for weather conditions and ...."

And so it went on, with Ben and Melanie soon applying those same skills they had picked up listening to the least interesting of their instructors (F'lafa, Ethical diplomacy), and barely even continuing to be aware of the drone as they got back into enjoying their pleasant trip through the stunning countryside of the wild Rockies.

"I happen to have excellent night time vision thank you. But we shouldn't keep going much past sun down unless we can't find a suitable camp site." Ben retorted not turning around to glare at the Klingon. "Which still means we only have a couple hours left to find something. Should be easier since we got up this ridge."

"Actually statistically the likelihood of decent shelter suitable forage diminishes with height and distance from water," the same pedantic git went on, "And though often touted as ideal the likelihood of discovering a suitably unoccupied cave at random is..."

"Irrelevant" Melanie insisted, "because I didn't climb that slope by accident, thank you Ben", she asserted, her tone substantially less patient than Ben's had even been, but then she had been with the prig an hour longer.

By contrast her thanks towards Ben saw her tone suddenly become a lot warmer, and that genuine smile return to her face, along with a completely technically unnecessary touch to his arm.

"Studied the most likely drop areas" she confided to him, "based on a file Selene peeked at on the instructor personalities"

"And ... trust me" she smiled.

T'lara stared intently into the rotten tree stump paying close attention to the leaf with the pin from her belt buckle floating the the small pool of water at the bottom of it. When it stopped moving she looked up through the trees taking a note of the direction that the pin was now pointing in.

She looked back over her shoulder as she heard what sounded like a full platoon heading her way. "That would count as cheating" she said aloud "and its just as well that no one is hunting us our you'd all be caught already".

The Vulcan marine cadet carefully picked her pin off of the leaf and stood up brushing the knees of her trousers off before turning to look at the trio trying to judge whether the adage about strength in numbers counted with this lot.

"That's ok, he's in back." Ben joked throwing a thumb over his shoulder at Gath'ar as the pair up front continued on un-abashed, and save their voices, mostly silently. "Besides, who's to say that the profiles we have even match them, they could be decades old." He added laughing. "Some of them have been here that long."

"I plead the Kirk!" Melanie replied, with one of her classic friendly smiles for the diminutive, friendly half Vulcan who was doing a transfer term with them.

"Heya, she added" her eyes narrowing a little as she contemplated the effect that the new addition was likely to have on the group dynamics. If only T'lara had been a full Vulcan they could have just sicked her on the idiot trailing her and Ben.. and tada!

But she wasn't, far from it, and so that would be really unkind, for now, but come tonight, when certain of Melanie's plans required some privacy...

T'lara flashed a smile at the other girl "if you guys slow me down I'll feed you to the large furry quadrupeds that seem to be around here" she joked.

One of the marine survival instructor back on Hera Prime had taught her to check out the territory you were going to thoroughly before a 'mission' so she had studied up on the Rockies, their fauna and flora. She had also seem some large clawed tracks further back the way she'd come earlier, not that she really wanted to meet the owner.

"Statistically-" Gath'ar began, only to be cut off once more as Melanie gave the new arrival a hug and then led off in the same direction they had been traveling, pausing only to scrape up another handful of dry something from the edge of the scrub here and stuff it inside her top.

"Statistically the loudest ones are the ones that get eaten first." Ben remanded glancing quizzically at Melanie as she did whatever it was she was doing. "Of course, if that's fine with you then I don't think I mind either..."

"I'll try not to scream too much tonight then" Melanie joked, but with a very mischievous look at Ben that he couldn't understand the nuances of no matter how much he tried.

Which meant Gath'ar missed it completely and the Vulcan would have been utterly lost, female or no.

"Better start collecting stuff for the campfire" she warned, scooping up some more dry wisps of dead foliage to dry against the warmth of her inner layer.

"Because home for the night will be in sight in about ten minutes I reckon" she said.

"I don't remember anything on the map..." Ben muttered, pulling the thing out and glancing at it for a moment. "What are you looking at?" He questioned after a moment of squinting into the trees around them.

Melanie's reply was to tap her head and smile in that same infuriating way he had come to know from her when she thought she knew something other people didn't. It was cute enough, and quite beautiful on her face, but came only second to phrases like 'i told you so' in the list of things he really wished he could have gone without.

T'lara's eyes narrowed as she listened to the exchange wondering just what other files had gotten peeked at. She knew Melanie well enough to know that she'd look given half the chance but was willing enough to follow along tonight if it meant that there was shelter involved.

As they walked she kept an eye out for larger branches that would keep their fire going through the night once it had been started. The heavier ones she passed straight back to Gath'ar "put some of those Klingon muscles to use" she said when it looked like he was going to complain.

"just pile them high enough so we can't hear him talk" Melanie suggested, as blunt and direct as usual in her flavour of humour.

At the same time she had also begun leaning more on Ben as they reached the minor obstacles to be stepped over, in what both of them would know wasn't entirely necessary, but she was apparently guessing was subtle enough not to cause comment yet.

Ben laughed as he gathered what he could from the ground, so long as it looked dry enough to burn anyway, and it was going in his rather small pack and arms (being careful not to poke Melanie with anything), since apparently he wouldn't really need them with their 'camp site' so close. "Sadly I don't think any of these trees have any sort of decent sound adsorption in them."

"Darn, there goes that plan for keeping me quiet tonight" Melanie quipped back, giving Ben another of those looks that even he was starting to guess at the innuendo under.

"And tada!" she announced, her gaze flicking from Ben's face to something over his shoulder, namely a very serviceable looking cleft int he rock-face nearby.

One that had enough of a clearing outside it and an old scorch mark nearby to rather conclusively say was unlikely to be habitually occupied by wildlife.

"Oh. That looks cozy." Ben muttered, glancing about for anything else he might've been missing in the wonders of their new-found hidey-hole.

Gath'ar let out a derisive snort, prepared to once more launch into his own statistical based knowledge of how unlikely it was to be a good call, animal feces, flies and so forth.. but he was interrupted by a sound from within, that set his half Klingon blood screaming towards the idea of legging it.

Cautiously Ben continued forward, grabbing a hold of one of the larger sticks he had and pretending to be the 'manly man' that the Klingon obviously wasn't. Pausing near the opening he spotted something moving and smiled slightly. "Coulda scared someone like that."<p> <p>"Like Gath'ar," Melanie offered, as pointedly as was her wont, having also apparently not missed the half Klingon's look of panic.

"Says the guy with the stick," came a reply as Alastor stuck his head out of the cave and looked over the little group. "Could'a been a bear, what would you have done then, wave a stick at it and look threatening?" He shrugged and scratched at his chin, "Figured I'd be the only one to stumble across this little hidey-hole. Guessed wrong I, uh, guess."

This time of year bears are unlikely to be aggressive!" Gath'ar countered, only realizing afterward, how much worse that made his apparent fear sound.

"And you left a footprint there in the entrance" Melanie replied, although whether she had in fact spotted it beforehand or not was an entirely different matter.

"And you know what they say about staying warm in the cold" she said, looking at Ben once more as she finished, "Shared warmth and all that."

"Would you look at that," Alastor said as he looked down at his apparent footprint, "should have been more careful than that. Anyway yeah, you know what they say, mi casa es tu casa, strength in numbers, et cetera." He gave a small shrug, "Just take your shoes off in the foyer, don't like dirt getting tracked on the hardwood floor."

"Hardwood is-" Gath'ar began, only to be cut off by a timely shove forwards from Melanie.

"Thank you" she smiled to the fellow security cadet, "don't mind if we do" she offered, "Ben's got a full canteen, I've got some damn fine kindling and buggerlugs has some good deadfall wood"

"All we need now is munchies" she suggested.

"Yeah, it might not kill you in one swig if you want some?" Ben said offering the canteen to Alastor if he wanted it. "Don't suppose there's any un-marked bodies of water around here that anyone else knows about but doesn't want to share?"

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