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How to Use Templates

It's actually pretty simple and at the moment there's only one you'll likely have to worry about, the Bio template. Simply fill in after the '=' sign after the field you are working on. For instance to input your name (we'll use John Harriman as an example) all you would do is type 'John Harriman' after 'name=' so that it looks like this: '|name=John Harriman'. Simply do that for all the fields and you'll have a perfect looking bio in no time. Now there's one tricky part here, and that's the '|imagename=' and '|imagedesc'(ription) fields. The 'imagename=' field is exactly that, say you want to upload a picture of your character later, simple type in the name you want for the file (we'll use 'Johnpic' as our name). It would look like so: '|imagename=JohnPic'. Then when you have your bio saved you have the option to click on a link to upload your picute and it will have the name you entered in the field. Same goes for the '|imagedesc=' field, whatever you enter here is what will appear as the description when you get your picture uploaded.

Pretty simple eh? I hope so, if not please feel free to contact me with your questions.

Bio Template

Preview page: Walker, Benjamin

You can use html fully in the fields, just be careful what you use and how. =)

|style= (must be one of the following: 'content','cfed','crom','ckli','cso','csoc','csrr'. cfed will place the federations seal behind the general info, crom will place the romulan seal, etc... and content will leave it blank.)

Ship Splash Template


Starfighter Template


Ship Specs Template

Ship Class Image (url = http://wiki.tf-575.com/images/shipheaders/imagename.jpg)

Classification: SHIP ROLE
Construction Facility: WHERE IT WAS BUILT

Dimensions Maximum Speeds

Length: XX meters
Width: XX meters
Height: XX meters
Decks: XX (approx 3.5 meters per deck)

Cruising Speed: Warp X.XXX
Maximum Speed: Warp X.XXX
Emergency Velocity: Warp X.XXX (X hours)
Maximum Sublight: 0.25c

Crew Compliment Auxiliary Systems

Officers: XX
Enlisted: XX
Marines: XX
Passengers: XX
Maximum Capacity: XX

Personnel Transporters: XX
Cargo Transporters: XX
Cargo Bays: XX
Holodecks: XX

Weapons Systems Defensive Systems



Shuttles Fighters



Deck Listing

Deck 1: Bridge

Deck 2: ...

Ship Images

NPC Ship Splash Template

{{Shipsplash (NPC)

NPC Character Template

|rank= (not an image, just the rank name this time)

Maintenance Templates

Article is being Edited

Used to indicate that an article is undergoing edit, and as such shouldn't be edited except by whomever placed the notice.

Expand this Article

Used to notify potential editors that this article could use some of their tlc.

This Article needs Revision

Use this template to indicate that an article needs revision thanks to a change elsewhere.

Non Canon

Use the noncanon template to mark an article as non canon to the 575 universe.

Non Canon (STO)

Use this template to mark an article as non-canon, but set in the Star Trek Online 575 universe. (Also will include an article in the non-cannon category)