Starfighter Ranks

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Starfleet Starfighter Rank Structure
Flag Ranks
Grade Title Image
A-5 Flight Marshall c-a5.png
A-4 General c-a4.png
A-3 Lieutenant General c-a3.png
A-2 Major General c-a2.png
A-1 Brigadier General c-a1.png
Officer Ranks
Grade Title Image
O-6 Colonel c-o6.png
O-5 Lieutenant Colonel c-o5.png
O-4 Major c-o4.png
O-3 Flight Captain c-o3.png
O-2 Flight Lieutenant c-o2.png
O-1 Lieutenant c-o1.png
Enlisted Ranks
Grade Title Image
E-9B Chief Master Sergeant of the
Starfighter Corps
E-9A Command Chief Master Sergeant c-e9a.png
E-9 Chief Master Sergeant c-e9.png
E-8A Senior Flight Sergeant c-e8a.png
E-8 Senior Master Sergeant c-e8.png
E-7A Flight Sergeant c-e7a.png
E-7 Master Sergeant c-e7.png
E-6 Technical Sergeant c-e6.png
E-5 Staff Sergeant c-e5.png
E-4 Senior Airman c-e4.png
E-3 Airman First Class c-e3.png
E-2 Airman c-e2.png
E-1 Airman (Basic) c-e1.png
Cadet Ranks
Grade Title Image
C-4 Cadet 1st Class c-c4.png
C-3 Cadet 2nd Class c-c3.png
C-2 Cadet 3rd Class c-c2.png
C-1 Cadet 4th Class c-c1.png
C-0 Trainee c-c0.png