Special Operations

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The Special Operations Branch
Special Operations Commando The Special Reconnaissance Regiment

Since long before the Eugenics war professional military structures have accepted the need for specialists who are trained in methodology that the line serviceperson would have no need for, nor necessarily the moral fortitude to utilise. In the past the formations raised to perform these asks were often disparate, uncoordinated and poorly integrated; the Federation has learned from this mistake.

The Special Operations branch is without a doubt one of the least well known in Federation service, what exactly it does and where it does it one of the better kept secrets of the Federation itself. From it's recruitment right the way through to it's memorial services the branch operates a very much "closed shop"

This means that the facilities, ships and operatives that serve the branch will not appear on any accessible database in their true forms, will not linger in the spotlight and will never readily divulge any more information than they have to. Which isn't to say that you'll never see a SO serviceperson, just that those you do see in their distinctive black collars will not be the only ones out there, just the ones who don't mind being "made."

Their roles vary from clandestine intelligence gathering through to specialised hard target assault teams, the branch's officers oversee projects as varied as diplomatic protection through to actions that most use fairly complicated euphemisms for, but amount all the same to simple assassination.

In order to achieve the missions assigned to the branch, to protect the Federation in the way they best know how, the branch has several very special divisions, the better known of which are the Special Operations Commando and the The Special Reconnaissance Regiment, but it is well known that other arms exist, if not quite to the fanciful degree certain reporters would have you believe.