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Classification: Forward Operational Base and Resupply Point
Project Begin Date: 2372
Construction Group: Starfleet Corps of Engineers

Dimensions Auxillary Systems

Diameter: 1840 Meters
Height: 1280 Meters
Decks: 260

Personnel Transporters: 16x
Intra-Station Transporters: 36x
Cargo Transporters: 28x
Cargo Bays: 62x
Shuttle Bays: 9x
Holodecks: 8x
Holosuites: 26x
Exterior Docking Ports: 18x
Interior Docking Slips: 3x (Escorts or Smaller)

Crew Compliment

Officers: 750
Enlisted: 3650
Marines: 600
Passengers: 3000

Weapons Systems Defensive Systems

Type XIII Phaser Arrays: 32x
Class VIII Torpedo Launchers: 12x
Photon Torpedoes: 1200x
Quantum Torpedoes: 800x

4cm Ablative Armor
Auto-Modulating Shield Frequencies
High Capacity Shielding System
Regenerative Shield Generators

Shuttles/Runabouts Fighters

Type 8 Shuttles: 16x
Type 9 Shuttles: 12x
Type 11 Shuttles: 8x
Argo Class Runabouts: 8x
Danube Class Runabouts: 4x

Peregrine Class Fighters: 24x
Valkyrie Class Fighters: 12x

Deck Listing

Decks 1-4: Main Communication and Sensor Arrays

Deck 5: Starbase Operations, CO's Office, XO's Office

Deck 6: Senior Officers Briefing Room, Transporter Room 1, Holodeck 1

To Be Continued...

Shiro Images