Prometheus Class

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Classification: Attack Cruiser (Multi-Vector Assault Mode)
Project Begin Date: 2371
Construction Facility: Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
Dimensions Maximum Speeds
Length: 415 meters
Width: 163 meters
Height: 64 meters
Decks: 15
Cruising Speed: Warp 8
Maximum Speed: Warp 9.9
Emergency Velocity: Warp Warp 9.975 (6 hours)
Maximum Sublight: 0.25c
Crew Compliment
Officers: XX
Enlisted: XX
Marines: XX
Passengers: XX
Maximum Capacity: 1,000 (MV- 2,000)
Command/Flight Control: XX
Security/Tactical: XX
Engineering/Ops: XX
Medical/Counseling: XX
Science: XX
Weapons Systems Defensive Systems
Type XII Phaser arrays x 30
Pulse fire quantum torpedo tubes x 7
Torpedoes x 580
Heavy duranium/tritatium: double hull
Armour Plating: 18 cm ablative armour
Shield Grid: Auto-modulated high capacity regenerative shield system, total capacity 3,915,000 TeraJoules
Structural Intergrity Field: High level
Shuttles Fighters
Type-9 personnel shuttles x 6 Valkyrie Class x 12
Deck Listing
1 – Main Bridge, Observation/conference lounge, Captain’s ready room, Science labs, Environmental support and Transporter room 5
2 – Saucer upper warp nacelles, life support, environmental controls, senior officer quarters, engineering support labs, cargo bays 1-4
3 – Saucer warp core jettison hatch, deuterium fuel pumps and fill ports, deuterium storage, deuterium injector, EPS support, antimatter fuel pumps and fill ports, antimatter storage pods, docking latches, forward torpedo launcher
4 – Other offices, Mess hall, Gym (with running track)
5 – Junior officer quarters, upper computer core, Captain’s Yacht, forward torpedo launcher, stellar cartography, environmental support, life support, emergency batteries, waste management, phaser batteries, antimatter injector/reactors
6 – Senior officer quarters, holodeck 2, transporter rooms 1 & 2, Battle bridge, astrometrics lab, sensor control room, SIF generators (4), IDF generators (4), science labs, quantum magazine, weapons locker, docking latches, maintenance, Junior officers quarters, main engineering, power distribution, engineering support and labs
7 – Saucer lower warp nacelles, lower computer core, impulse reactors, upper computer core, crew quarters, upper shuttle bay
8 – VIP quarters, medical labs, main sickbay, security offices, brig, gym, holodeck 1, transporter rooms 3 & 4, lounge, phaser maintenance, armoury, lower computer core, battle sickbay, phaser batteries, crew lounge, transporter room 6, holodeck 3, cargo-bays 5-8, lower shuttle bay, shuttle bay support, crew quarters, deuterium fuel pumps and fill ports, deuterium storage, deuterium injector, aft torpedo launcher, warp core jettison hatch, warp core docking hatch.
9 – Auxillary bridge, forward torpedo launcher, docking latches, crew lounge, transporter room 7, holodeck 4, crew quarters, life support, docking hatches, maintenance, environmental support, deuterium fuel pumps and fill ports, deuterium storage, deuterium injector, warp core docking hatch
10 – Crew quarters
11 – Axillary engineering, emergency batteries
12 – Photon and quantum magazine, cargo bays 9-12, deflector control, deflector signal processing, navigational control, main deflector dish, main deflector field emitter, forward torpedo launcher
13 – Antimatter storage pods, antimatter fuel pumps and fill ports, phaser batteries
14 – Hover pods, auxiliary cargo bays (13 & 14), warp core jettison hatch, main tractor beam, antimatter injector
15 – Assault shuttle bay, hover pods, auxiliary cargo bays (15 & 16), warp core jettison hatch, main tractor beam, antimatter injector
Prometheus Images