Misriah Armories

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Misriah Armories

Misriah Armories (Misriah Armory) is a arms production company head quarters on Mars in the Sol System. They produce a variety of weapons and equipment for both Civilian and Military use.


Misriah Armories Headquarters

Misriah Armories was formed in the first years following First Contact with the Vulcans. The company was formed along with several other organizations to better regulate the production and distribution of weapons within the Earth Sphere. Following the events of the Third World War and the devastation that it caused Humanity was more then willing to better control munitions development, deployment, and distribution. At its formation Misriah Armories was located in North Carolina, taking up the former location of the then defunct Xe Services LLC (aka Blackwater Worldwide) following their near collapse during the Third World War.

When Humanity began teraforming Mars Misriah began making plans to shift their location to the red orb. By 2200 Misriah had fully moved its headquarters to the red planet, and had acquired a large amount of land to safely produce weapons, armor, and other military equipment away from the general populous. Misriah's central Headquarters is located within Utopia colony. Within the Building Misriah houses much of their administrative facilities, and non hazardous research and development within the building.

Relationship with Starfleet

Misriah produces a number of weapons and other equipment for Starfleet and has since its inception. At current Misriah produces several weapons for Starfleet primarily the M6 "Sif", as well as the Special Operations armor used by SFSO. Misriah is also responsible for producing the VISER system used by various branches of Starfleet. During times of conflict such as the Klingon War, Cardassian-Federation War, and the Dominion War, Misriah's production facilities are used to produced armaments for Starfleet.

Misriah and the Antares Sector

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Misriah Armories maintains a mostly commercial presence in the Antares Sector. Misriah has leased a hangar bay, cargo bay, storefront, and a number of quarters from the Federation onboard Starbase Valhalla. Misriah also has a small number of ships in the area for weapons research and development.

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