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Formed as a response to the increasing instability inside the Federation the Task Force was designed for, and assigned to, Rear Admiral Benjamin Walker with the able assistance of Special Operations Colonel Audacious Creed. It was immediately dispatched on a variety of missions from scientific exploration to the suppression of pirates and just as immediately came to prominence thanks to the skill and dedication of the people crewing the ships that Walker had chosen to make up his Knights.

Since that point the Task Force has gone from strength to strength, growing in number and in eminence, not least of which thanks to the inclusion of a Prometheus Class Marine vessel led by Brigadier Chalan Anara. Most recently they have been assigned to join in the Federation's Antares Alliance out in the lawless, war-torn Antares Sector.

As the year slowly turns to 2386 an uncertain future awaits the proud ships that make up the Knights, but one thing remains very certain indeed, that wherever they go the Knights will continue to exemplify all that is great in the service of the Federation.

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Warrior Splash.png

Captained by Colonel Audacious Creed the Warrior is a Special Operations vessel tasked with going where others cannot and doing the jobs that others dare not. They are a hard hitting team of incredibly professional soldiers who have made the careful, deliberate application of force a pillar of their careers and indeed their lives.

These are the people that the galaxy means when it says The Best of the Best.

Continuing from their jaunt down The Hole, a terrible prison where the various gangs all fight for power, with the information gleaned from one of the Black Guard fellow prisoners the Warriors have progressed to being undercover as pirates... investigating the trade that supports the Blackguard efforts, walking the dangerous line between expediency and actually becoming the people they are tasked to neutralize.

The warriors are doing what they do best, fighting the fights that no other branch has the capabilities or courage to fight.

Did You Know?

... That the Antares Sector is 2/3 of a year away from Earth at Warp Factor 8?

... Misriah Armories produces the mainline combat armor for Starfleet's Special Operations division?

... That there is a Jedi in the Milky Way now?

... That Dexalin is used to treat Oxygen Deprivation?

... San Francisco may be the most well known Academy but Hera Prime graduates more cadets and does so with higher scoring?

Featured Character

Lieutenant Commander Callum Kinvara is Starbase Valhalla's Chief Engineer, and a dedicated family man. His professional, yet friendly demeanor on the job, ensures that his subordinates and staff all have the respect to do their jobs, and to do them well. His wife, Atlanta Graywolf also harbors a professional stance, though whether this is because she's a Marine, or because Callum has rubbed off on her is a different story...