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Not every service a federatin service person done will only serve the interests of the Federation, other races, cultures and even empires will often have reason to be grateful to a member of the Federation forces, and many of these choose to express such in the form of medals.

Nor is it unknown for members of the Federation forces, serving attached to allied bodies, to stand out for their professionalism and or heroism.

Steel Order of Empire


This award is given by the Chancellor himself, with or without the approval of his advisors. It is designed to recognise someone who has, by their actions, directly contributed to the glory of the Empire. In practice it is often given to personal supporters who demonstrate a willingness to put the ends of the empire above clan or personal ambition.

VO Recipients

The Kri'stak


Although the Klingon honour code distinctly looks to individual heroism over group honours the Kri'stak is an award specifically designed to recognise those who pursue that honour through the skillful leading of others. This award is given to recognise great warriors who lead other great warriors to victory.

VO Recipients

The Arav'lath



A singular award given to a warrior who has, by bloody deed, redeemed the lost honour of their brothers. The medal is known as the 'Bloody Redemptor' in the Federation and tends to be assumed to mark a very honourbale and violent individual who has little concern for their own safety.

VO Recipients

The Blood meqleH



An ancient blade made of blood-steel and quenched in the vital fluids of honoured enemy champions by the famed Klingon smith At'lantar, part of a honoured pair that were wielded by many heroes of old. Now given as a singular honour to those deemed worthy and passed on by that person when they feel that they can no longer add to it's honourable history.

VO recipients

Gabriel Duke, Hera Prime Academy.