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Captain, we're receiving two-hundred and eighty-five thousand hails.
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Character Information

Name: Callum Kinvara

Rank: Lt Commander

Position: Chief Engineering Officer, Starbase Valhalla

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Gender: Male

Species: Gael (Near Human)

Age: 35

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Height: 6'3"

Weight: 200lbs

Eye Color: Dark Green

Hair Color: Dark Brown

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Physical Description:

Callum is a tall prime example of his subspecies, near enough phenotypically human with the only real differences being internal and cultural. Like most of his generation of Gaels however he is also marked by the war that characterised their Cluster for all of their generation and most of the lives of the generations before them.

It has left him fit, somewhat tanned, and a bit more 'grizzled' looking than most would expect from his apparent short service history. it has also left him with that 'gunfighter's stare' that only veterans should ever wear but he tends to hide this behind a friendlier demeanour.

Callum also has a variety of cultural tattoos.

Personality & Traits
General Overview:

Friendly being one thing he is good at, his smile coming readier to his face than his torque wrench to his hand (if only narrowly) and his genuine sense of humour obvious to all who care to watch him for any length of time at all.

Like all Gaels he is a psychic brick, completely and utterly unreadable to even the very best telepaths, empaths or even deliberate probes. Nobody quite knows why Gaels are this way but it is assumed that it has something to do with the particular gravitic and particulate conditions within the Gael cluster.

Callum is a happy guy. He loves his job, loves tinkering with machines and loves meeting people. He is a natural at all of the above and even if his paperwork leaves a little to be desired he normally makes up for it in other areas.

He is still fairly impulsive and certainly intuitive, trusting his instincts a good deal more than any vulcan would ever be comfortable with, especially when it comes to what should be hard logical facts.

A perhaps less endearing side of him though is the second legacy of his upbringing. The Gael wars were an almost exclusively male fought thing, there were still very deeply held traditions and beliefs about women's places and the protection of women. He might have grown out of that a good deal more than many (with a little help from a very loud mouthed and insistent firecracker of a sister) but hints of the attitude still linger. He will rate a woman's life higher than a man's and will be protective more of the females in his team than of the males, some things are just too deeply ingrained to lose easily.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

+Great sense of humour, dry and self deprecating at times Callum can laugh at himself as easily as he can laugh at things that would make others weep in frustration. A lot of this comes from hard earned experience but the rest is just a genuinely good nature.

Engineering savant. The Gael colleges of astrotech were hardly super advanced before the wars came, and by the time Callum was learning his trade they were all but non existent. He learned anyway, found he had a natural talent for all things engineering, one that sees him through to today.

-Ill discipline. The Gael militia he served with were not a well disciplined bunch, they were soldiers first and the only parade grounds they saw had holes in them after the air strikes. He really isn't that good at understanding why rules are that necessary and certainly never going to go for blind obedience. It really isn't in him.

Slight chauvinism. Cultural (discussed above)

Below exemplary standard literacy. Callum learned to read late, indeed did most of his engineering without reference to books. He has made up for the lack but still tends to avoid anything like paperwork when he can.


He wants to be an engineer, to have engines to play with and new things to work on as long as he has hands to work. That really is it.

Hobbies & Interests:

Tinkering with anything vaguely mechanical, if it has a power source or motor Callum will have taken it apart to see how it works.


  • Gael
  • Federation Standard (with an accent)

Family Members



Personal History

Callum was born and brought up in the middle of the Gael unification wars, a nasty civil-ish war that had literally lasted for generations and was only just ending when the federation finally discovered that there was a culure hidden in amongst an unexplored tight cluster of stars.

Like nearly every Gael male of his generation he served with a local militia. The difference was that his militia were on the winning side and a militia only in name for the majority of his service.

As he got older he advanced in his own career path and by the age of eighteen was not only an officer but also a very highly regarded fix it man, responsible for a great deal of the success of his faction's starfighter branch thanks to the modifications he designed and brought in.

From there he progressed to larger build projects and by the time the federation finally agreed to absorb the Gael cluster and bring a lasting peace to them he was one of the few there who was actually advancing the warp engine knowledge of the people's past the levels it was at before the war started.

He was offered a chance to consult with and than join Star fleet and took both readily, but took a good deal longer than he should have getting through the academy, let down by his poor literacy and his ill discipline.

However he did graduate and has been serving since, bouncing from ship to ship, engine to engine, with a slice of that good hearted optimism that has made him a good many non-gale friends to add to those he still talks to back in the 'Jewelery Box'.

Service Record



Awards Recieved

eng-small.png Meritorious Service Medal (Engineering)

mb.png Medal of Bravery for services to Federation citizens again without much consideration to the outcome to himself

OCC Awards

excell.png Order of Excellence

ded-serv-bar.png Dedicated Service (1 Year)

joint-sm.png Joint Service Medal for Into the Darkness




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