Hera Prime

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Hera Prime
Astrographical Information
Sun:Sol standard
Moon(s):2 (Juno and Jove)
Rotation:25 standard hours
Orbital:229 standard days
Physical Information
Gravity:0.99 ms2
Surface Water:66%, mostly Oceanic
Social Information
Race:Federation Colonists, no indigenous
Technology Level:Federation


Hera Prime is an M class planet with breathable atmosphere and distinctly Earth-similar conditions. It is however a great deal more sparsely populated, and mostly dominated by the Federation facilities that make their home there.

The Combined Academy there trains Fleet and Marines together so that both branches gets an idea of how the other works with the aim of both branches working better together in the future. Cadets aren't the only ones trained here as a large number of training programs are also ran here.

Hera Prime Combined Academy

Aims of the Academy

  • To develop commanders of courage and willpower, with the temperament for decisive action in difficult and dangerous circumstances.
  • To foster attitudes to integrity, selflessness and loyalty which set the soldier apart from others.
  • To teach cadets how to think and communicate as commanders and to foster a deep interest and care for the individual.
  • To achieve a grounding in Federation Military Doctrine and its significance in all forms of conflict.
  • To encourage the analysis of strategic and war studies as a foundation to military thought and wisdom.
  • To train cadets in the basic skills and battlefield disciplines of Fleet service.

Written by Turk for Hera Prime Combined Academy and VO

Current Mission

Good Sports?

The junior year of the advanced programme cadets has begun. with new arrivals coming in from the fresh Antares Alliance, and a new crop of cadets on their way. The cadets have taken on increasing responsibility for their fellows and been required to participate more in the extra-curriculars of the institution.

Also arriving are a selection of teams and supporters from the Academy's big rivals, San Francisco's Earth Academy. There will be pep rallies, cheerleaders, sporting wagers...a nd some full contact grav ball.

Academy Commandant

Rear Admiral Jake Turk
  • Name: Jake Turk
  • Rank: Rear Admiral r-a2.png
  • Race: Half Klingon/Human
  • Branch Fleet

Admiral Turk isn't the soft easy going kind of Commandant but (whether they believe it or not) he does care about his Cadets and pushes them to their limits so that by the time they graduate and move onto other roles each cadet knows that they can handle whatever is thrown at them.

His Accelerated Learning Program is the envy of other Academies along with the cadets that are part of their program. Their personal files read like fully fledged Officers and to Turk's credit he has made damn fine cadets from them.


Simm Awards

merit-citt.png Meritorious Citation
joint-sm.png Joint Service Citation For Into The Darkness

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