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Captain, we're receiving two-hundred and eighty-five thousand hails.
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Character Information

Name: Audacious Creed

Rank: Colonel


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Gender: Male

Species: Uruk

Age: 41

Place of Birth: {{{pob}}}

Height: 6'6

Weight: 300lbs

Eye Color: red

Hair Color: bald

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Physical Description:

Night black, tusked, huge and imposing Creed looks like some monster right out of the myths of old. Every inch of him is muscled, and or scarred. His deep red eyes seem to project a barely controlled violent menace and his tusks only back this up further. His arms are a bit longer than the human proportionate would be, and his bone structure significantly heavier, especially at the brows.


Despite all of this he is dexterous, nimble and frighteningly fast.. he also has a sense of humour

Personality & Traits
General Overview:

'The pinnacle product of a brutal programme designed to create truly fearsome soldiers, Creed was born to be a commando, and his training has been second to none. He is a monster of deliberate creation. Just thank God he's wearing our uniform ' Jake Turk, then O/C CATT Programme

Strengths & Weaknesses:

His main strength is violence. He is a natural at it in all its forms. Born bred and conditioned then trained and experienced Creed knows few rivals. He excels at the profession of taking lives to an extent that causes due concern in the 'fluffier' federation officers he encounters.

Creed is a creature of his upbringing. He finds it very hard to relate to people on a deeper level, non-Uruk are just too alien in their thinking for him to manage. He came to reading late in life and still is far from exemplary at it, the same goes for many of the 'softer' pursuits that the Federation might expect one of their citizens to enjoy.

He is also bordering on Naive, honestly believing in the black and white nature of many things. In terms of Starfleet this means his faith in his captains and in the high command is near unshakable. This has been eroded of late thanks to the very evident proof of incompetence at high levels in his former fleet, but is being reforged by the capability of the new fleet's brass.


Be the very best he can be. Prove that there is more to him than his appearance/ Race suggests Earn praise from the mighty figures of Star Fleet. Hobbies & Interests Very few. Creed is driven to excel and cannot see a separation between his job and his person.

Hobbies & Interests:

He is his job, When not fighting he is training to fight.


Uruk, Klingon, Fed standard

Family Members

Wife/ Mate Alex

Pack sister: Asherah Creed

Children: Honour Ash, Creed, Zeal, Arakos, Sulathin, Abby &Ziva



Personal History

Creed was born into slavery and is thankful for it. He was bred to fight, part of an experimental Klingon programme to improve the Uruk breeding stock for disposable soldiers. With his fellows he was raised to fight not only hard but smart. Although they were denied access to Klingon honour schemes they were forced to adapt to a never ending series of combat scenarios and fed a constant diet of war. The programme stretched his capabilities far more than the traditional Uruk upbringing ever could.

When the Klingon Empire, as a response to Federation urgings, released his race from their institutional slavery Creed was one of the few that were taken for de-programming. It was only a qualified success, where others of his peers went on to study medicine, engineering and even artistry Creed was forever locked in the path of the warrior.

Star Fleet marine were only too happy to provide him a home. In return he gave them the loyalty that the Empire had beaten into him as a child. It was also here that he met the vulcan who would teach him the techniques he would need to control the rage that boiled in his soul.

It was a winning combination. Despite constant battles against prejudice and dislike Creed fought his way through the ranks, eventually securing a place at Starfleet Academy.

Once there he continued with his single minded dedication to the people that had literally made him a man. although many instructors continued to be concerned by his psychological issues he left them little choice but to pass him.

From the academy he moved to his first post. Only to find himself sidelined. Those damning comments from instructors about his psyche saw him posted to a remote outpost that was never expected top see action. Fortunately for all they were wrong.

On the third of January a strike force of renegade Klingons slipped through the net and made a run on the base. They came in hard and fast, sweeping aside almost all resistance. Only to come up against one lone hardpdoint commanded by a very junior officer.

Creed adapted, he improvised and he persevered. The Klingons had expected the bunker to fall within hours, yielding the arsenal within, it lasted weeks.

On the fifth of February the relief force arrived and lifted the planetary siege. They found only one bunker still fighting and they were nearly too late for that. Inside was a picture of the worst horrors of war, nearly five hundred all but starved civilian women and children protected by less than a handful of marines, all of which were sporting serious injury.

For his part in the defence of Nova Tallifera Creed received one of the highest medals available at his rank and a well earned promotion. More to the point for him he was granted leave to join the experimental CATT programme.

He served with distinction aboard the USS Kestrel, and even though the programme continues he has been moved on once more to higher things, lending his hard won experience to the Spec OPs branch of his home corps and rising through the ranks as well.

He has also recently been blessed with children of his own, their fast growing selves a constant source of joy to the big man whose own history s quite so dark.

Things are really looking up Creed, and he has his oversized fingers crossed to keep it so.

Service Record

Nova Tallifera. High medal for bravery

Uss Kestrel, Commendation for courage under fire.

DS15 attached to fleet security anti-terrorist branch. mention in dispatches.

USS VISIONARY, second officer, mentions in dispatches

USS WARRIOR: Strike team leader, Promoted first officer, Promoted Acting CO, Confirmed Colonel and CO of the unit



Awards Recieved

VO Awards

Awards earned in other fleets
(AF Command Excellence, AF Grand Cross x2, AF dedicated Service x2, AF Admiral's achievement x2)