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Captain, we're receiving two-hundred and eighty-five thousand hails.
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Character Information

Name: Chalan Anara

Rank: Brig.png Brigadier

Position: Commanding Officer, USS Freya

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Gender: Female

Species: Bajoran

Age: 52 (Born 2334)

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Height: 5'8"

Weight: 150lbs

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

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Physical Description:

Though she is of average height and weight, her body is solid muscle, there isn't an ounce of fat to be found anywhere on her body. Her feminine curves help to hide this fact. Her body has several scars including some very interesting ones on her back and thighs that demonstrate just what certain torture techniques can do to the body. She also as a few tattoos scattered about her body. Her hair is generally kept short though it has been long in the past and has a tendency to curl into loose ringlets when damp.

When not in uniform Anara can often be found wearing a battered pair of old combats, a vest and wandering around with bare feet. When the occasion calls for it she dresses very stylishly.

Personality & Traits
General Overview:

Has the heart and soul of a true warrior, is intensely loyal to her friends, family and crew. Not one to cross if you expect to live to a ripe old age. Insanely hard working constantly training and pushing herself to improve both her mind and body.

Has been compared to a Mother hen in regards to her crew as long as you can imagine one that's large, mean and green.

- 1st Lieutenant Dara Johnson, Counsellor, USS Claymore

Strengths & Weaknesses:

+Exemplary strategic tactical and leadership skills, combat skills particularly with pistols and rifles, small unit focused force application,

-has been described as aggressively undiplomatic and staunchly apolitical, she's a marine that's what she does that's who she is don't expect her to play nice.

- Rear Admiral Jake Turk, Commandant, Hera Prime Combined Academy



  • To see a free Bajor
  • To ensure her Nephew Jon has a better life than she did
  • To have a family of her own

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Motorcycles
  • Explosives
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Surfing
  • Bajoran cooking
  • Battle scenario and action holonovels


  • Bajoran
  • Klingon
  • Federation Standard

Family Members

  • Mother - Chalan Anoja(Deceased)
  • Father – Chalan Jolando(Deceased)
  • Brother - Chalan Talan(Deceased)
  • Nephew - Shakaar Jondolarin, Intelligence Agent, USS Renegade
  • Ex-Husband - Peter Grayling, Diplomatic Officer



Personal History

Her parents were killed fighting the Cardassians long before Anara can remember, she has vague memories of a dark haired woman smiling at her but isn’t sure if that was her mother or one of the numerous Bajorans who looked after her and her brother.

Anara grew up fighting with the resistance, excelled in combat, tactics and leadership. She soon became one of their top group leaders, her team successfully pulled of a number of raids on the Cardassian supply camps and freeing many Bajoran prisoners. She learned interrogation and torture techniques from the best in the resistance plus a few from her time being interrogated by the Cardassians. Thanks to a timely rescue by her people she got out before breaking though the Cardassians still left their mark on both her body and her mind.

When her brother and his girlfriend were killed Anara took in their three year old boy Jon, she tried shielding him from the worst of the war but ended up teaching him all she knew when the young lad demanded to be allowed to help the resistance efforts. He proved to be a fast learner and capable warrior.

After the occupation ended she found herself at a loose end, not knowing anything else other than fighting she joined the Bajoran Militia. However this didn’t give her the action she was used and she soon got bored.

She had a couple of friends who had joined Star Fleet Marines and told her how good it was. So she transferred from the Militia to the Starfleet Marine Corps. Her skills and natural talents from growing up on Bajor served her well and she soon rose through the ranks.

She met a young fiery PFC Keira Atkinson; despite their ranks the pair began good friends and colleagues. Both have saved the other numerous times as well as gotten the other out of trouble.

Keira was there for Anara when she discovered just how much her fleetie husband, of five years, liked green when the pair walked in on him screwing an Orion dancing girl over her dining table. Anara decked him before Keira dragged her off him, where Keira proceeded to kick him until Anara announced that he wasn’t worth it. They both went and got riotously drunk that night and ended up in the brig anyway. Their CO, knowing the two women, took the situation into account and let them off with a stern warning.

She has a reputation for ensuring no one gets left behind and kicking ass. It’s said that the Prophets watch over her as she has survived many missions people thought nobody would have lived through. Something many Marines in her unit and others have witnessed.

The Moondarks were at Hentus IV when Anara’s unit became surrounded and cut-off by superior forces. They were sent in to get her unit out and found the then Lt Colonel with a nasty wound to her leg still dropping the enemy and keeping her unit together. With the Moondarks special operations team they held the strategically important pass until the rest of the Marine battalion arrived and drove off the enemy forces.

Her career and fighting have been her life. She has many friends but few family members that she knows of. She gets bored quick when everything is quiet and peaceful so she often spends her spare time in the gym or holodeck training.

When the chance to command a Marine vessel came along she recognised it as a chance for a new challenge and accepted the CO position, although she doesn’t regret all the paperwork she has to delegate to her aide Lt York. Since serving on the Freya she has become the TFXO and been promoted to Brigadier.

She has literally been there and done the lot. She had fought on a wide variety of different terrains against numerous different enemies, sometimes winning and sometime loosing. With all her experience she keeps getting offers of a position at the Academy teaching the cadets but has so far turned the job down with the exception of the occasional lecture usually when she has been injured and not allowed anywhere near a battlefield.

Since taking up command of the Freya she has been and fallen in love with one of her company commanding officers. She is still waiting to see if it works out though her fingers are secretly crossed and she is hoping that it does. But only time will tell if Markus feels the same way.

Service Record

Graduate with honour Bajor Military Academy

Commissioned 2nd Lt
Posted 2nd battalion 133 Regiment, 'Fusiliers'
Mentions in dispatches following defence of Yarick III
Commissioned full Lt.
Transferred Federation Marine Corps
Posted 3 commando reconnaissance unit
Actions classified
Promoted Captain
Promoted Major
Brief sojourn on detached service as special advisor to non-federation forces
Assigned 2 i/c 1st Battalion 77th 'Hurricanes' regiment
Promoted Lt Col
Assigned O/C 1st Battalion 77th 'Hurricanes' regiment
Awarded Medal of Courage
Promoted Col
Assigned to command USS Freya
Promoted Commandant Alpha Fleet Marine Corps
Awarded DSC, Order of Excellence.
Promoted Brigadier
Awarded Bar for Admiral's achievement, Purple Heart
Posted as Task Force 575, 'the Knights,' Advisor
Posted as interim TF 575 Executive Officer
Awarded Order of Beta Antares

Awarded Federation Freedom Medal



Awards Recieved

freedom-small.png Federation Freedom Medal for Through her outstanding leadership and exemplary skill all the peoples of Varbega Prime may finally know a peace that has alluded them throughout the generations long war. They have her to thank for the freedom this brings

dsc-mc.png Distinguished Service Cross (Marine) for Acts of courage and bravery bringing credit to the service
pheart.png Purple Star for injuries sustain while saving the life of the President of Mesolaria
antares.png Order of Beta Antares for Services including our Marine database, organised medical database, graphics and NPC's; support to others, ship specifications
excell.png Order of Excellence
writing.png Writing Challenge for Elseworlds
Marine-cit.png Marine Citation for USS Freya

Dedicated2yr.png Dedicated Service 2yr



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