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Captain, we're receiving two-hundred and eighty-five thousand hails.
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Character Information

Name: Atlanta Kinvara (nee Graywolf)

Rank: Gunnery Sergeant

Position: Platoon Leader, Starbase Valhalla

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Gender: Female

Species: Antrellian

Age: 29 (Born 2356)

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Height: 5'1"

Weight: 115lbs

Eye Color: Brilliant Blue (Occasionally Purple)

Hair Color: Light Brown

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Physical Description:

Short, curvy, long light brown hair usually held back in a pony tail or a bun. Flower tattoo on the left side of her belly fading red scars on the other side from the shrapnel she took a year ago. She has the odd other little scar from her childhood.

When off duty she can usually be found bumming around in combats and a t-shirt and walking around without any shoes on preferring to run without shoes like she does back home.

Personality & Traits
General Overview:

Generally a happy bubbly young woman but lately she has been a little more quiet and withdrawn, her counsellor says she is suffering battle fatigue (but she doesn’t believe them). But she is tough and takes no nonsense from anyone.

She likes surrounding herself in pretty flowers since the desert world she came from was fairly dull and boring, a bunch of flowers always cheers her up. She also likes spending time with her friend Arthur the wombat and her new husband Callum.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

+Like any good marine sergeant she spits nails, pisses lightning and chews barbed wire for fun.... she also happens to do a kick ass line in jungle training and flashes of presentience all the while without bothering to come up higher than your shoulder... Intensely loyal to her family and friends.

-Can be stubborn and not listen at times (and usually when she is being told to rest), makes a bad patient (like most Medical staff), her visions sometimes show her things she would much rather not see.

- Colonel Shane Vansen, MCO, Starbase Valhalla


To reach Master Sgt, and have a family some day.

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Tarot cards
  • Flowers (any kind)
  • Wombats
  • Terran cooking (it’s highly varied and very interesting as well as tasty)
  • Action/adventure holo-novels
  • Combat medicine
  • Jungle survival and warfare


  • Antrellian
  • Federation Standard (with a strong accent)

Family Members



Personal History

Born on the dusty desert world of Antrellus which is on the other side of Romulan space. Atlanta has the typical extra set of eyelids which close vertically, this is to protect her eyes when the wind sweeps across the surface of the planet. She also has the ability of psychometry where she gets flashes of the past, present, or future from people or objects. When this happens her eyes turn purple and she tries to not touch people since they get an echo of what she sees and it frightens most. This ability is present in all her people but the strength varies between people.

She was always a happy child but knew that there had to be more to her life than that one dull barren planet. So she left with her uncle and his family to go exploring the galaxy.

When she became old enough she decide to join the AFCA and train to be a field medic taking the marine path rather than the starfleet one. Something she found she loved doing and was very good at. She progressed through the ranks to Sergeant. She ended up joining one of the many frontline marine units, the 802nd Marine Battalion.

She has fought in most of the battles and confrontations that the Federation has been involved in over the last ten years. Until the last battle she was involved in where she was seriously injured while saving the life of one of the officers in her unit After spending a month in sickbay she was transferred to the USS Tempest where she remained on light duties, working in their sickbay while she recuperated for several months. She still bares scars from the injuries as due to her unusual physiology the healing techniques used by the Federation do not entirely work on her.

After an attack on the ship by pirates, in which Atlanta helped to retake the ship, she was promoted to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant and to the position of Marine commanding officer on the ship.

Shortly after her arrival on the Tempest she meet the CEO, Callum Kinvara, and they soon started a relationship which led to them being married on the Gael homeworld shortly before they were both transferred over to Starbase Valhalla where Callum became the base CEO and she moved to being one of the many platoon leaders.

She is currently still carrying out various training programs, especially jungle survival and warfare, with the marine detachment on the station while she had also been selected to partake in the special training scheme that Colonel Vansen is putting together. While still terrorising marines and fleeties alike with her jungle training programs.

Service Record

2374 – 2375: Basic Marine Training

2375-2383: medic, 802nd Battalion

2376: Attended Hera Prime for Sergeant training

2376: Promoted to Sgt

2383: Reassigned to USS Tempest on light duty as a medic in Sickbay

2383: Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant and give MCO role on the Tempest

2385: Transferred to Starbase Valhalla and to the role of Platoon Leader.



Awards Recieved

marine-small.png Meritorious Service Medal (Marine Corps)


excell.png Order of Excellence

quality.png Outstanding Quality

frequency.png Outstanding Frequency

plot.png Exemplary Services to the Plot

Dedicated2yr.png Dedicated Service Award (Two Years)

joint-sm.png Joint Service Citation for Into The Darkness




Proficiency Badges
  • Combat1-mini1.png General Combat Proficiency
  • cqb-sil-sm.png Close Quarters Proficiency - Silver
  • med-sil.png Combat Medic - Silver
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